Steve Letourneau
Steve Letourneau is the ex-husband of Mary Kay Letourneau and the father of her four oldest children. Steve was originally from Alaska and met Mary Kay in the early 1980s while they were both students at Arizona State University. In 1984 the couple married after Mary Kay became pregnant with their first child. In the late 1980s Steve and Mary Kay Letourneau moved to the Seattle area. Steve went to work as a cargo specialist for Alaska Airlines. When Mary Kay began her relationship with Vili Fualaau, her and Steve’s relationship was on the rocks. Having married out of obligation instead of love, Steve and Mary Kay were separated shortly before he found the love letters written by Mary Kay to Vili. It was these letters that he shared with an anonymous family member who then notified police and the Highline School District. Steve testified at the trial, describing to authorities what he had witnessed in regards to his wife’s relationship with the boy.
Steve and Mary Kay Letourneau with their oldest two children in 1991.

Soona Fualaau
Soona Fualaau is the mother of Vili Fualaau, the “victim” in the case against Mary Kay Letourneau. Soona has four children and worked long hours at a local bakery to support them. Soona was married to Luaiva Fualaau, Vili’s father, a man who fathered 18 children with five women. The early stages of her son’s relationship with Mary Kay were not obvious to Soona. She knew that Letourneau had a fondness for her son, but she attributed it to a regular teacher/student relationship. When authorities found Mary Kay and Vili in a car while Vili was still a student, Soona told the authorities there was nothing to worry about and to let her drive him home. Eventually, though, she found out and testified in court.
Soona Fualaau in an interview on the CBS Early Show.